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Custom Lapel Pins for Disney Lovers

Who doesn’t love Disney?

For many, Disney was the voice of their childhoods. But make no mistake – many adults still love Disney as much as kids do. And you may be one of them, which is why you want to get your hands on some Disney lapel pins.

Unfortunately, official Disney pins cost a lot of money and, let’s face it, they don’t always feature designs that you want to have on your clothes or bag. So, you want to make your own custom Disney lapel pins that bring the magic of the movies that mean the most to you to your pin.

Here’s how to do it.

Custom Lapel Pins for Disney Lovers

Step 1 – Choose a Design and Print It on NuFun Film

It all starts with the design – what Disney character (or scene) do you want to have printed onto your lapel pin? Find the right image and you’re most of the way there. All you need is NuFun film, a special type of plastic film used for lapel pins, and an inkjet printer.

An Inkjet printer is key here. Though laser printers are faster, they get hot enough to melt the NuFun film. Plus, their print quality isn’t as strong. So, load your NuFun into your inkjet printer, set print quality to high, and hit the “Print” button.

Step 2 – Cut the Image

While you could use a die-cutting machine to achieve the most precise cut possible, a pair of scissors should do the job well enough. NuFun is actually surprisingly sturdy – even though it seems soft – allowing you to make precise cuts without worrying about slicing off one of Simba’s ears or giving Snow White an unexpected haircut.

Take your time and cut as accurately as possible, taking a few minutes to trim excess NuFun once you have the main image separated from the rest of the film.

Step 3 – Bake and Seal the Pins

Now for the fun part – baking your NuFun Disney images.

Place the cut-out Disney figure on a piece of parchment paper before laying another piece of paper on top. You need two parchment pieces because the NuFun can bend during baking. The top piece prevents that by adding weight.

Pop the cut-out into the oven and bake for two minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As it bakes, prepare an enamel spray, which you’ll use to give the pin two coatings.

Remove the pins from the oven and use a spatula to flatten them. Allow them to cool before applying your first coat of enamel spray, which is essential to prevent the colors from bleeding. Wait another 30 minutes before applying the second coat – creating a full seal – and you’re most of the way to having Disney lapel pins.

White and black badges front and back view on a white background

Step 4 – Add Epoxy

Though your Disney lapel pins already look good now that you’ve applied enamel, adding some epoxy into the mix brings depth to the pin. This depth creates a more professional look – the pin starts to look like something you bought from Disney – as well as acting as an extra sealant layer.

Place your Disney lapel pins on a flat surface and apply your epoxy, starting from the outer edges and slowly working your way into the center. Take your time. Trying to apply the epoxy too quickly leads to unwanted bubbles and stains. When done, leave your Disney lapel pins to dry for at least three hours, though you may want to let them dry overnight to be extra safe.

Step 5 – Remove Any Air Bubbles

In a perfect world, you’ll apply your epoxy so delicately that you have no air bubbles. If that’s the case then congratulations – you can move on to the final step of creating your custom Disney lapel pins. But if you do see an air bubble, grab a toothpick and give it a soft poke. Once the pick pierces the bubble, slowly guide the bubble off the edge of the pin. Repeat for every bubble you see, making sure to take your time. One wrong move could create a scratch in your new pin.

Step 6 – Attach Your Locking Mechanism

Right now, you have an attractive Disney image that’s coated and sealed using epoxy and enamel. But you won’t have working Disney lapel pins until you’ve attached locking mechanisms on their backs.

For this, opt for metal mechanisms over rubber. Though rubber is cheaper – and quite flexible – it’s also harder to stick to the pin’s surface, meaning it’s more likely to detach. Stick with a metal fastener and use a couple of drops of super glue to secure it to the pin’s back. Adjust the pin seating before waiting for about an hour to allow the glue to dry.

Glossy button pins mockup

A Word of Warning About Custom Disney Lapel Pins

Though making Disney lapel pins for personal use is generally fine – Disney is unlikely to pursue legal action against individuals – trying to make a little business out of your pins is out of the question. Disney owns the copyrights to all of its characters and artwork, making it illegal for you to sell your custom Disney lapel pins.

So, only use the steps in this article to make pins for your own use.

Turn Your Ideas into Pins with Lapel Pin Now

Now that you know how to make pins at home, you can customize your own collection of Disney lapel pins from home. But there’s no denying that the process is time-consuming and, frankly, unsuitable if you need a lot of custom pins.

That’s where Lapel Pin Now comes in.

Using our online ordering system, you can transform your designs into epoxy, enamel, rhinestone, 3D, and die-struck pins without any fuss. Place your order today – uploading any designs that aren’t under copyright – and Lapel Pin Now will have them on your doorstep in just a few days.

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