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3D Medal

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1.5 inch $9.72 $5.49 $3.30 $2.47 $2.18 $1.62 $1.33 $1.26 $1.12
2 inch $11.48 $6.62 $4.24 $3.17 $2.80 $2.33 $1.98 $1.90 $1.69
2.25 inch $14.13 $7.45 $4.64 $3.56 $3.20 $2.73 $2.37 $2.29 $2.12
2.5 inch $16.98 $9.27 $6.14 $4.50 $3.95 $3.47 $2.96 $2.87 $2.71
3 inch $20.45 $11.22 $7.63 $5.83 $5.24 $4.55 $4.07 $3.96 $3.78
3.5 inch $24.10 $13.91 $9.69 $7.82 $7.19 $6.16 $5.78 $5.65 $5.44
4 inch $31.51 $18.56 $13.05 $10.76 $9.99 $8.81 $8.06 $7.91 $7.61

A 3D medal is a type of medal that features a three-dimensional design, giving it depth and dimensionality. Unlike traditional flat or two-dimensional medals, 3D medals have sculpted elements that extend beyond the surface of the medal, creating a more lifelike and visually striking appearance. 

This medal is highly versatile and can be used for various purposes, including sports awards, corporate recognition, and commemorative events. They are valued for their ability to showcase complex designs with depth and realism, making them a popular choice for organizations and individuals looking to create unique and impactful medals.

Customize yours now. Where glory meets metal. Embrace achievement, forging memories.


Size: 1.5inch, 2inch, 2.25inch 2.5inch, 3inch, 3.5inch, 4inch

Medal Loop: Style A (Rounded Hole), Style B (Square Hole), Style C (Square Hole With Slit)

Print Option: One Side, Both Sides

Note: The is a $70 Mold Fee associated with printing on both sides.

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    3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now 3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now 3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now 3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now 3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now 3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now 3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now

Step 1 Customize Your Medal Style

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3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now

3D Medal

3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now

Soft Enamel Medal

3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now

Hard Enamel Medal

3D Medal - Lapel Pin Now

Die Struck Medal


Step 2 Select Medal Size (Optional)

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1.5 inch
1.5 inch - Lapel Pin Now
2 inch
2 inch - Lapel Pin Now
2.25 inch
2.25 inch - Lapel Pin Now
2.5 inch
2.5 inch - Lapel Pin Now
3 inch
3 inch - Lapel Pin Now
3.5 inch
3.5 inch - Lapel Pin Now
4 inch
4 inch - Lapel Pin Now

Step 3 Select Print Option

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Step 4 Select Medal Color

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Gold Plating
Gold Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Silver Plating
Silver Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Cooper Plating
Cooper Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Nickel Plating
Nickel Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Brass Plating
Brass Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Antique Gold Plating
Antique Gold Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Antique Silver Plating
Antique Silver Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Antique Cooper Plating
Antique Cooper Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Antique Nickel Plating
Antique Nickel Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Antique Brass Plating
Antique Brass Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Matte Gold Plating
Matte Gold Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Matte Silver Plating
Matte Silver Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Matte Cooper Plating
Matte Cooper Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Matte Nickel Plating
Matte Nickel Plating - Lapel Pin Now
Black Plating
Black Plating - Lapel Pin Now

Step 5 Select Medal Upgrades (Optional)

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Back Stamp
Back Stamp - Lapel Pin Now
Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Coating - Lapel Pin Now
Gem - Lapel Pin Now
Glitter - Lapel Pin Now
Glow in the dark
Glow in the dark - Lapel Pin Now
Laser Cut
Laser Cut - Lapel Pin Now
Two Toned
Two Toned - Lapel Pin Now

Step 6 Select Medal Loop

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Style A
Style A - Lapel Pin Now
Style B
Style B - Lapel Pin Now
Style C
Style C - Lapel Pin Now

Step 7 Select Packaging Preference

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Black Velvet Box
Black Velvet Box - Lapel Pin Now
Velvet Bag
Velvet Bag - Lapel Pin Now
Plastic Box
Plastic Box - Lapel Pin Now
PVC Bag - Lapel Pin Now
Poly Bag
Poly Bag - Lapel Pin Now

Step 8 Customize Your Medal

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At least 1 artwork file required with selection with Upload My ArtWork.
Preferred File Type for Better Quality Product: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF

Please select ribbon color.
Please select font color.

At least 1 artwork file required with selection with Upload My ArtWork.
Preferred File Type for Better Quality Product: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF
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3D Medal

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